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Candid Radio broadcasts a mix of news, music, interviews, relevant information to fulfil the communication gap among all stakeholders to ensure creating a forum for the people.


Radio Candid embraces the evolution of radio and works in such a way that it makes us a model for creativity, innovation, sustainability and excellence.



Radio Candid 92.7 MHz is an independent infotainment 24/7 radio station in Nepal besides being a reliable source of information. 


As one of Nepal’s fastest-growing stations, it targets people of all walks of life offering them all facts and information coupled with contemporary music to find this channel informative and entertaining.


Previously known as Voice of Youth FM -- owned by Lila Voice Pvt. Ltd -- the radio station established on 17 March 2015 was registered at the Office of Company Registrar in Nepal.


It received the radio broadcast license on April 02, 2015, from the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. 


‘Voice of Youth FM’ has been rechristened as ‘Radio Candid’ (RC) on June 01, 2020, after taking over the station by the new management. However, ‘Voice of Youth’ has been one of the signature programs of Radio Candid. 


The new team currently aspires to bring about instrumental changes in the radio programs with the support of engaging minds to enrich the lives across multiple platforms, which means that listeners will get insights, opinions and entertainment from movers and shakers, speakers, newsmakers, experts, among others.


The station emphasizes on generating quality and high-demand contents by putting all focus on technical strategy to reshape the radio into a modern format with particular emphasis on in-depth local to global news, views, analysis, interviews and airing variety of programs, including informative current affairs, entertainment, music, sports, and education, among others to ensure a ‘one-in-all’ platform for listeners in Nepal and beyond. 


Radio Candid 92.7 Mhz is also one of Nepal’s largest nationwide radio network. To ensure an effective approach, RC has built a network with affiliate stations nationwide. We are a Smart Radio station in Nepal to have utilized additional modern technology and digital innovation that make us modern in all sense, including sight and sound, visual appeal, podcasts and quality. 


Our professional management, quality content, technological innovation will undoubtedly meet the demand of the digital era. Our radio is user-friendly in a responsive format that has limitless location. 


We believe freedom flourishes only in a liberal democracy. Hence, we work towards further strengthening democracy, freedom and accountability that deserves to all people.


Radio Candid aims to thrive by adopting the rapidly-changing tech environment and new communication technologies. It has adopted a state-of-the-art technology in its station and can be accessed on social media, mobile applications, news aggregator apps, among other platforms. It is expanding through partnerships with global media brands, multi-media capabilities, and digital content. 


Radio Candid 92.7 is not limited to a certain geographical area, as it plans to go beyond the Kathmandu Valley and surrounding districts to reach out to the people far and near – every nook and corner of the country through its networking with the local radio stations across the country.


We intend to make RC’s effective digital presence felt across the country as well as to the Nepali diaspora both in Nepali and English languages. Radio Candid is a leading station that reach out to listeners around the globe via http://radiocandid.com/.


RC, which remains an apolitical media organization, continues to engage and interact with the audiences through its digital platform by standing tall on the basis of freedom, democratic values, human rights and good governance.


It is available on its website, referral apps, internet and social media. The transformation process will continue along with the required amplification.



  1. Editorial independence, pursuit of truth

  2. To produce and distribute all types of trusted content that informs, educates, entertains, and engages people who care about Nepal and the world.

  3. To inform, entertain, engage, inspire and respect the diversity of the listeners with a greater sense of responsibility.

  4. To provide a trusted source of information, entertainment and music with a view to serve.  


Free and fair journalism 

  1. To inform and provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas and cultures for a more inspired and engaged public.



  1. To become a champion in creating trusted and meaningful listening experiences for enthusiastic listeners.

  2. To provide a broader platform for information relatable to the listeners in such a manner that is progressive and inclusive in nature.


Listeners come First

Radio Candid strives to serve its audience better in an authentic and meaningful ways.


Radio Candid embraces change and encourages innovation welcoming praiseworthy ideas from the valued listeners.


Together We Build An Epic Workplace

  1. We thrive as a workplace because we encourage diversity of thought, opinion, and perspective.

  2. We behave in ways that demonstrate respect for our colleagues and the community at large.

  3. We are inclusive, compassionate, considerate, and mutually supportive.

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